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How To Control Anxiety

Wondering how to control anxiety?  Maybe you have suffered from one of the following episodes and want to get rid of that feeling once and for all?  Panic Away, by Barry McDonagh can really help!


·         Have you ever had the feeling of losing control or going insane?

·         Do you struggle with intrusive and anxious thoughts?

·         Do you hate the thought of getting on public transport, going to the supermarket or getting your hair cut because you feel hemmed in?

·         Have you ever been admitted to hospital thinking you were having a cardiac arrest to be told by the doctor or nurse that you are suffering from anxiety?

·         Do you ever get scared or have fear about driving?

·         Do you become fearful when socialising and feel the need to leave the party because of it?

·         Does the fear of breathing ever make your chest feel tight and you become breathless?

If you have suffered with these problems or anything similar, then the first thing to remember is that you are not the only one and you can get better, with the correct help.

Maybe you have tried other types of anxiety treatment or medication and it hasn’t worked for you – Panic Away is different and has helped 1000’s of people suffering with the same problems as you, all around the world.


Check out what these two doctors have to say about the program:


Why Do Other Anxiety Treatments Not Work?


This is mainly because they are designed to help you cope with and manage anxiety and panic rather than teaching you how to get to the root of the problem.


Panic Away teaches you techniques to trick your anxious mind.  This allows your body to relax without the mind taking over.  Once your body is fully relaxed, your mind will also relax with it. Once your anxious mind is out of the way and doesn’t activate the stress responses in your body, you will soon see the change in yourself.


To learn more about the Panic Away program have a look at this really great video by the programs creator, Barry McDonagh.


Don’t forget to sign up for his free information pack, found just below the video!